Sailboat Angels will offer free sailing excursions for education and recreational therapy to children who are economically disadvantaged and/or with developmental and/or physical challenge or have a life threatening illnesses. We also offer this service to military veterans and their families. Families and caretakers are welcome on these trips. This program can be life-changing for both the participants and their families. We offer this service throughout the year, at Lake Conroe, Texas.  

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Some of the benefits of our Program:

  • Fosters an appreciation of the outdoors

  • Builds Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Develops Gross Motor Skills

  • Encourages Cognitive Development

  • Enhances Communication
  • Builds Life Skills/Social Skills
  • Provides Education

  • Fosters Curiosity
  • Creates Harmony for Families

Safety Protocols:

Before departure, each special guest is provided a life jacket and is briefed on safety protocols and procedures. Once under sail, each new ‘sailor’ is encouraged to steer the boat, navigate the water, tie the knots, and hoist (raise) the sails, as well as discover the marine habitat. The degree of participation is up to the comfort level and safety of each individual. Everyone aboard is invited to savor the joy and tranquility of the sailing adventure. Refreshments are offered to all guests at the end of the excursion, the ‘sailor’ is awarded a Certificate of Sailing and a Medal of Accomplishment.

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