Sailboat Angels

Sailboat Angels is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded by an experienced sailor, Nici Esch, Ed.D., and is based at Lake Conroe, Texas.  Nici has dedicated her career to children and education. Through the joy of sailing, this charity offers opportunities to children who are economically disadvantaged and/or are physically, emotionally or chronically ill for a unique educational and recreational hydro-therapy experience. The charity also offer service to wounded warriors and military veterans and their children. We invite the entire family unit to come together and enjoy an afternoon of sailing, and our special participants are encouraged to work on the boat to the best of their abilities. Some of the benefits of the program include building self-esteem, encouraging cognitive development, creating harmony for families, and enhancing communication skills. The program can be life-changing for both the participants and their families. We offer this service, free of charge to participants, throughout the year at Lake Conroe, Texas. 

Goal of the Charity

The goal of Sailboat Angels and this unique ‘hydro-therapy’ is to appreciate the outdoors and the love of sailing. These excursions will provide an opportunity to be in touch with nature.  The measurement is the smiling faces we will serve.  Hopefully this will be a positive life-changing experience for our special sailors and their families, and those of us who serve them!

The Sailboat – “Napenthe”

The sailboat that will be used for our excursions is a MacGregor 26X. Her name is Nepenthe. Nepenthe is Greek and it means “No Worries.” This is a very unique sailboat because it also serves as a motor boat equipped with a 60 horse power Tohatsu engine. It has a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom and enough room for someone to lie down to take a comfortable nap. It also has a table with two benches which would accommodate up to 4 people having a nice lunch.

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